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Places that can help you with adoption counseling and provide you with information:

  1. Crisis Pregnancy Center or more commonly called "CPC."

    Crisis Pregnancy Centers specialize in helping pregnant women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. They offer free, confidential counseling and can help you with many things. It might even have a maternity center attached where you could live until the baby is born. These Centers are extremely helpful to pregnant women in need and you do not need to be in "crisis" in order to contact one. They can provide you with free adoption counseling, maternity clothes, medical referrals, support groups, crisis intervention, legal advice, and many other services.

    Some Crisis Pregnancy Centers are even licensed adoption agencies. In this case, they would be able to help you with your pregnancy needs and help you with all of the adoption proceedings (if you choose adoption). An example of a Crisis Pregnancy Center that is also a licensed private adoption agency is the Children's Home Society.

    You can call any of the following toll-free numbers for your nearest center:
    bulletNational Life Center pregnancy helpline: 800-848-LOVE
    bulletCarenet Pregnancy helpline: 800-395-HELP (if you dial this number it will automatically route you to your nearest Pregnancy help center/CPC)
    bulletAmerica's Crisis Pregnancy helpline: 888-467-8466


  2. Adoption agency - This choice is good if you are already leaning strongly in the direction of adoption.

  3. Health Department or Social Services - A food stamps or welfare worker can tell you which clinic or department is the right one. Look in your phone book for these numbers.

Source: National Adoption Information Clearinghouse.


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