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bulletThe best way to locate a professional is through local birthparent support groups. The support groups will know of professionals who offer services to birthparents.
bulletBrenda Romanchik, a birthparent who chose adoption several years ago, is the founder of R-Squared Press. She has written many helpful pamphlets and other materials to help explain the process of adoption and to inform birthparents of their rights and responsibilities. She is an advocate of open adoption, holds healing retreats for women who placed children in an open adoption, and has written a pamphlet entitled, "What is Open Adoption?". Brenda has also written: "Your Rights and Responsibilities: A guide for expectant parents considering adoption," and "Birthparent Grief." You can contact Brenda to order her pamphlets or to ask her questions at:

R-Squared Press
721 Hawthorne Avenue
Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 543-0997
Web site:

bulletSusan Love with PACER (Post Adoption Center for Education and Research) does healing retreats for women who have placed a child for adoption. These retreats are done in the San Francisco, California area. Ms. Love can be contacted at: 510-287-8981.


If you decide to place your child for adoption and would like to find support from other birthparents:

bulletSearch our online for a listing of birthparent support groups near you

bulletContact CUB (Concerned United Birthparents) to find a CUB support group near you:

2000 Walker Street
Des Moines, IA 50317
(800) 822-2777

bulletPACER (Post Adoption Center for Education and Research)
P.O. Box 309
Orinda, CA 94563
World Wide Web:
(925) 935-6622

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