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The most important thing that expectant parents who are considering placing their child can do is educate yourself about adoption so that you can effectively determine if placement is a choice you want to make.

To begin, we will talk about adoption and how it works and then discuss some helpful resources.

At this point, since you are just beginning to consider adoption, it is very important to receive some kind of adoption counseling in order to determine if adoption is a choice you might want to make. The decision to place a child for adoption is a difficult one. It is an act of great courage and much love. Remember, adoption is permanent. The adoptive parents will raise your child and have legal authority for his or her welfare. You need to think about these consequences as you make your decision. Try to educate yourself on adoption as much as possible, so you can understand what it will mean to you and your child.

Pregnancy itself can affect your feelings and emotions. Are you only thinking about adoption because you have money problems, or because your living situation is difficult? These problems might be temporary. Have you called Social Services to see what they can do, or asked friends and family if they can help? If you have done these things and still want adoption, you will feel more content with your decision.

Source: National Adoption Information Clearinghouse


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