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Know Your Legal Rights






It is important that you find a professional, whether it be an attorney or an agency professional, that will advocate for you and will keep your best interests in mind. Every state has different adoption laws and you should obtain your own copy of them. You can ask the attorney or agency that you work with for a copy of the laws for the state in which the adoption will be finalized in or you can access them online. If the agency or attorney will not provide you with this information, you have the right to question this. Make sure that you go over the laws with your adoption worker. State adoption laws change frequently, so make sure you receive the most current information.

Signing Documents

Think very carefully before signing any paperwork. Make sure you know what you are signing. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you understand when you are legally able to sign the "consent forms". In many states, these are not signed until after the birth of the baby. You will also want to know how much, if any, time you have to change your mind or "revoke your decision" once you have signed the consent forms. Keep in mind that you retain your parental rights until the consent to adoption papers are signed. Get copies of everything you sign.

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